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Artificial Neural Network Library, IJCNN2009

I’m toying with the idea of developing an open source artificial neural network library in ANSI C++. Mainly, I’m considering this because of the utter lack of maintained libraries. Doing a simple Google search for “c++ neural network library” yields numerous results, but all have been abandoned since 2004 or earlier. Additionally, none of them seem to have made it to a production release, I had trouble finding indications of their roadmaps or stability.

Here are some of the libraries I found for C++:
Alyuda’s NN Lib
Neuro Fusion

This library would be useful for me, as I need to complete a research paper before December 15 on the result of finding equally optimal hierarchical neural nets as a subgraph of a non-fully-connected neural net. I plan to submit this paper to IJCNN2009 with Dr. Leon Reznik.

I’m debating about which language to use, though. I may just use an existing Python (ffnet) or Java (Joone) neural network implementation

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