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Projects Lost, Future Project Hosting

In the theft from a long time ago, these are the projects I remember hosting that were lost.
* A few others that I can’t remember or can’t mention.

These are linked to all over the web, but none of the sites referencing the projects actually saved an archive of the source. The theft occurred while I was switching web hosts, too.

Thus, for upcoming work, I’m considering Google Code Project hosting, but don’t like their limit of 10 projects in a lifetime. I see their reason for doing this, to avoid becoming a project graveyard like SourceForge, but not all projects are meant to be so substantial. I write a lot of smaller libraries or applications, yet I feel that each one warrants its own project summary, mailing list, and repository. Release management is already a pain in the ass; having to do a lot of release management from a single project account would be even worse.

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