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More IDE woes

I came home today, went to fire up Eclipse, and voila: an alert box saying to read some log file. I cat the log file, and it’s full of random errors about the pydev module failing to load. I’m not sure how pydev failing to load causes Eclipse to not load, but it seems to be the case.

I’ve been looking more into writing an IDE. After looking around a bit, I found GtkSourceView. It’s perfect for syntax highlighting. Beyond this, I’d need SVN support, for which there is pysvn. I’d have to build the project management aspect.

I found out that gedit has some plugins for project management here. Unfortunately, there is not a subversion plugin. One of them is a dead project, but the other one, projectMarker seems to be alive. I’ll look into that a little bit more.

Maybe what I really need to do is just write/extend a project plugin for gedit, and write a subversion plugin for gedit…

Update: I thought I’d mention that the log file generated for that error I got in Eclipse (which is the only way to diagnose/resolve the error) is 2718 lines long, and cites a problem with almost every component of Eclipse.

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