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Textie, gedit-vcs transferred to Jesse van den Kieboom

I’ve decided to stop work on the gedit-vcs plugins project, and go my own route. I was uncomfortable with some of the routes that I’d have had to take to implement those plugins, and I don’t think they were in line with my own goals. I’ve transferred ownership of the project to Jesse van den Kieboom (jessevdk) of gedit.

I’ve begun work on a minimal IDE that I call Textie. It’s written with pygtk and pygtksourceview. My base planned feature set includes:

  • A multi-document interface (MDI) via tabs
  • Project support via external project files
  • All configuration options available on a per-project basis
  • SVN integration
  • Syntax highlighting themes
  • A project file browser, file system browser, open file browser, and symbol browser
  • Language independent code completion based on project’s configuration
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts on a per-project basis
  • The ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to shell scripts to do things like build and run

My current status is a working window with menus, toolbar, and editor. When I have something that can actually edit a file and save it (CRUD,) I will start a Google Code Project for it.

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