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Recent Activity

I’ll use recent activity in no particular order to suffice an update.

I submitted this Django snippet.

I created this fork of this project.

I increased the font size on because of this very good blog post.

I submitted this Django bug, which, despite protest, has been closed. I don’t think “we don’t really have a good way to track ‘things we need to do for v2.0′” is a valid reason to close (aka discard) a ticket that details a valid enhancement. Besides this, the Django project should drop trac and use redmine, github, or bitbucket.

I switched to gvim from emacs.

I experimented with Pylons and hated it, not because I disliked its architecture or what it had to offer, but because it was extraordinarily difficult for me to implement user authentication without completely rolling my own; this in my mind is a completely pointless redundancy. I tried the suggested packages too, there were SQLAlchemy version incompatibilities. I wish this hadn’t been the case, I’d like to try mako templates instead of django templates, I think (yes, I know I can use mako in django, I’ll try it sometime.)

I finished up my work on bil. Unfortunately this probably means the project is about to die.

I’m finishing up my work on pcann-time-series. The only thing I have left to do is deal with some array indexing issues that have a lot of variables involved.

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