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New look and feel

I’ve switched from TextPattern to Typo. So far I’m loving the change. I’d been wanting to switch to Typo a long time ago, but either never got a theme going that I liked, or I didn’t take the time to set it up in my production environment.

Things seem to be running much faster. I think this might be because of DreamHost’s use of Passenger for Rails apps. The caching by Typo also seems to be better than TextPattern’s. I’ve still got support for Textile, but have a much better look and feel, and easier to manage UI. Comments are better spam filtered now, so they should automatically post most of the time.

This design is adopted from the Lead WordPress Theme. I love its minimalism, I’m much happier with how things look now. I had to migrate the theme for Typo, which was actually pretty easy. If you’d like a copy of the theme, let me know.

I’ve also added support for syntax highlighting for my code samples using SyntaxHighlighter. It’s wonderful, except that, in order for < and > characters to be rendered correctly, I have to wrap the code in script tags, which do not degrade well. Regardless, I like how it looks, much better than before with just using raw pre tags. Here’s a sample of the new highlighting:

class Speaker:
  def speak(self, message):
    print message

if __name__ == "__main__":
  s = Speaker()
  s.speak("Hello world!")</pre>

I’ve updated the About page with more ways to follow me and some new contact information.

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